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The Term

The Term: „Anthropocene“ – A New Geological Age?It was Nobel prize winner Paul Crutzen who coined the term „Anthropocene“ more than a decade ago. He remembers: "I was at a conference where someone said something about the Holocene. I suddenly thought this was wrong. The world has changed too much. No, we are in the Anthropocene.“Scientists are thus discussing the beginning of a new era featuring man as its driving force, a force altering all – up until now natural– processes on the planet. „... the Earth itself is a single system, within which the biosphere is an active essential component. In terms of a sporting analogy, life is a player, not a spectator. Second, human activities are now so pervasive and profound in their consequences that they affect the Earth at a global scale in complex, interactive and accelerating ways; humans now have the capacity to alter the Earth System in ways that threaten the very processes and components, both biotic and abiotic, upon which humans depend.From: International Geosphere Biosphere Program (2001), S 4.This would put human activities on the same level as cosmic events that have altered the planet’s destiny in the past.As a consequence, a new science has emerged: „Geo-engineering“ deals with possibilities to influence the climate – an interesting option not ignored by political, military, economic forces. In a world completely altered according to (some) humans’ will, man is confronted with new perspectives as to political processes, religion, his own self-concept. The proclamation of the Anthropocene seems to legitimate alterations of global processes on a scale that was never envisioned before.

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