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The three motifs.1. Fires of the Earth - the Diary of the Icelandic parson Jon Steingrimsson dealing with the eruption of the Laki volcano.Like lore coming to us from a faraway world. Deep faith in the world´s purpose, of being an integral part of the world, in the existence of a greater context. even as apocalypsis seems to become reality. A dark, romantic sound painting.featuring Freddie Wadling voice, Stian Westerhus guitar, Michael Wertmüller drums, Werner Cee e-chinproduced 2012 by Südwestrundfunk Baden Baden, editor: Manfred HessII. Dry Haze - The Year without a Summer –In 1860, a dry haze located in the upper troposphere darkened the skies over vast parts of Europe.Dry Haze is the soundtrack to the shaded atmsophere/world, the twilight as it presented itself in the years 1784 and 1816 ... and might again be imminent, if scientist’s plans were put into practise.featuring The Unthanks voice, Neville Tranter voice, Alf Terje Hana guitar, Werner Cee e-chinproduced 2012/13 by Deutschlandradio Berlin, editor: Marcus GammelIII. The Accidental Paradise - Natural and artificial events combined created a hybrid area, half paradise, half apocalypse, in the Californian desert.A poetical documentation involving sounds and photos of a location where man’s intervention hasn’t turned out well. What remains? This is what it could be like... And this is what it’s like right now.coproduced 2012/13 by Südwestrundfunk Baden Baden (Manfred Hess) and Deutschlandradio Berlin (Marcus Gammel)The Triptych forges a bridge from the godly parson Jon Steingrimsson interpreting volcanic activities as a heavenly sign to today’s geoengineers calling for artificial eruptions. The strict three-part structure creates a complex meta meaning by focusing on different aspects and perspectives related to the idea of an „Anthropocene“. The 3 motifs will are being elaborated as independent compositions for radio with a duration of about 50’ each.

The AnthropoceneAn Audiovisual TriptychRadio Work, Live Performance, Photography, Sound Installation

Vita Werner Cee